Twenty years from now, in early summer in Amizawa Village… the 18-year-old Ebihara Chinami emits electrical waves when she becomes distressed. Due to this, she cannot use electronics such as PCs and cellphones very well. Her power is so strong that it nearly crashed the plane her family was on by causing instrument malfunctions. Her power also leads her to transfer schools frequently. As usual, on the first day of school, Chinami is a little nervous, causing her classmates’ cellphones to glitch and electronics to react to her. The more nervous she becomes, the worse the situation gets, so she begins to take notes on where and how badly the electronics react to her. She eventually meets Koutarou from the science club, who is interested in understanding her power; Yuma, a classmate and shrine maiden with the same power; and Sonomi. They refer to the power as Type-E. What they do not know is that a secret organization is after Chinami’s power…

Source: anidb

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