Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Suzuki Ichirou is an extremely overworked programmer who has been juggling multiple tasks and two different projects at the subcontracting company he works for. After crawling under his work desk at the company to get his first sleep in over 30 hours, he finds himself in a strangely realistic dream in which even his sense of smell works. In his dream, he is a level 1 character in an RPG-like, fantasy-like world, he has a game-like HUD that mixes elements from both games he was working on, and he has reverted to being 15 years old. As both Satou and Suzuki are common family names in Japan, he has often been mistakenly called “Satou”; because of that, he had gotten into the habit of also naming his test characters “Satou”; perhaps as a result, he is unsurprised to find that, in his dream, he is also called Satou. Soon after being thrown into that dream, he is attacked by an army far above his level, and he has no way to survive other than by retaliating through using a three-use disposable magic called “Meteor Shower”. He uses it all three times, laying waste to the lands in front of him and passing out in the process. Upon waking up, he learns that he has slain all life in a vast range, acquired enormous amounts of loot, and gone all the way up to the extremely high level of 310. But soon he begins to realize that this might not be just a dream after all, and, because he will not simply wake up, he now has to adapt to this brave new world. If Satou learns the place’s customs, he should have no problem surviving due to the backing of the excessive strength provided by his level and the wealth he amassed through the loot acquired by using Meteor Shower. Thus, he decides that, so long as he does not know the way to return home, he might as well enjoy the trip he has unwillingly taken to that fantasy-like world, which he chooses to do by embarking on a world-scale sightseeing tour. Yet, he will soon learn that, despite his vantage position, just doing whatever he wants is not going to be all that easy; for one thing, it will not be long until he has more than his own back to protect.

Source: anidb

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