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The images on are all copyright of their respective artists and companies, and they are the sole individuals capable of restricting their use. We are allowed to keep these public images here, under the Fair Use act, and no copyright infringement is intended or implied. We claim no ownership of any image, whether scanned by us or not. It is our policy, and legal fact, that the scanning of an image does not give the person scanning it ownership of it, therefore that person or persons can have no say or restriction in the distribution of images. If you have legal documents from the copyright holders giving you exclusive use of an image, we will gladly honor them, once we are satisfied that they are genuine.

Out of respect for people who draw fan art, or create wallpapers. If you feel that one of the images in the gallery is a wallpaper, or an edited image created by you, please let us know, and we will gladly remove it. Anyone is free to take the images from our site and use them in whatever way they may want. The only thing we do not allow is direct linking of the images, as we do have to pay for bandwidth, and as such, can not provide it to you for free.

The people who make, create, and produce these shows deserve all the praise they can get. We don’t intend to steal this praise from them, just to showcase their stunning work.

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